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Learning to expect the unexpected

It started as a routine check-up

I took Isaiah for an echocardigram on Thursday as part of his routine three month check-up. When the technician brought in a cardiologist to take a look I knew something was wrong. Neither the technician nor the cardiologist asked us to stay, so we proceeded to get Isaiah's blood work done and I thought perhaps my paranoia was getting the better of me.  However, when we arrived at the phlebotomy clinic I found Isaiah's cardiologist in the hallway looking for us.  When a very busy and very prominent cardiologist takes the time to seek you out personally, the news can't be good.  My heart sank and I braced myself for what he had to say.

It turns out that Isaiah's echocardiogram revealed that there was a problem with his heart function.  All previous echos had shown that his heart function was normal, but this one, in conjunction with the ECG, indicated that his left ventricle was not contracting as strongly as it should be.  The aneurysms…