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The truth about Isaiah

It has been three years since Isaiah first had Kawasaki disease and I have told his story more times than I can remember.  His Kawasaki disease story has been told to friends, to family, to acquaintances and to people I have just met and it has been told in various forms: detailed, long version, short, clinical version and many variations in between.  As hard as I try to make the details clear, I think many people still do not fully understand Isaiah's condition.  In an effort to clear up any misconceptions, I have put together this list of FAQs to reveal the truth about Isaiah.

Does Isaiah still have Kawasaki disease?
No.  Kawasaki disease is a self-limited form of vasculitis.  According to Dr. Jane Burns, a KD specialist (as posted by the Kawasaki Disease Foundation): "The inflammation and host immune response is intense but short-lived. Recovery from the acute illness is complete and symptoms and signs resolve completely."  Isaiah had Kawasaki disease twice, but both …