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When I first began writing this post, Isaiah had not been diagnosed with his second case of Kawasaki disease.  However, given what we have gone through yet again, the original sentiments inspiring this post are even stronger.  It had been over six months since I had published anything prior to the post about Isaiah's unexpected second bout of KD.  Many milestones had passed, including Isaiah's first day of kindergarten, fourth birthday and the anniversaries of his KD hospitalization and discovery of his aneurysms.  It would be easy for me look back and reflect on how many of these moments were very bittersweet for me.  I could write about the struggles we have been through this past year and how this unexpected journey has challenged us in ways we never imagined.  However, in keeping with the New Year's tradition of resolutions and starting fresh (even though it is already the end of February), I prefer to focus on my "theme" for the year: gratitude.

Gratitude is…