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The best Mother's Day gift

Isaiah had his one month post angiogram  follow-up echocaridogram this past Friday.  I was more nervous than usual.  In the past, I had arrived at each appointment with an optimistic attitude and unexplained confidence that everything would be fine.  This time the optimism was dulled and the confidence was not so high.  Perhaps the experience of repeatedly receiving bad news was finally taking its toll on my positive disposition.  Or perhaps I was learning to manage my expectations, so as not to be disappointed and to prepare myself for the worst.

Longest 90 minutes ever As fate would have it, the echo clinic was running a behind that day and Isaiah did not get called until half an hour after his scheduled time.  My nervousness was growing as opposed to subsiding.  Once the technician began doing the echo I watched the screen intensely for any clues as to Isaiah's status.  It was then that I realized that I really should look into how to read an echocardiogram image.  I am sure …