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No such thing as too much information

Since Isaiah's Kawasaki disease journey began, there have been many things I have learned. One lesson that has become a reoccurring theme lately is when it comes to your health, or that of a loved one, there is no such thing as having too much information.

Cardiac MRI Isaiah had a cardiac MRI done in mid March to further investigate his heart function.  Although he has an echocardiogram done every 3 months, it is my understanding that he will require a more complete diagnostic test at least once a year. Last year he had two cardiac catheterizations done, but our cardiologist decided on a cardiac MRI this year, as it would be able to give us an equally good understanding of the status of Isaiah's heart.  I was thrilled by this news, as the MRI is non-invasive, which would mean no incision to worry about and virtually no recovery time, except from the effects of the anesthetic.

The results of the MRI confirmed what the cardiologists had suspected from last year's cardiac ca…