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A real life hero

Since Isaiah's was first hospitalized in October 2011, I have continually been amazed and grateful for all of the care and support we have received.  This support has come from close family and friends, but also acquaintances and many new "friends" I have made online whose children have also faced the challenges of having Kawasaki disease. Last summer I received an unexpected, but completely touching message from a friend of mine from university.  We had not seen each other in many years and were only in contact via the graces of Facebook, but his message was very heartwarming.

Here is what it said:
Hey Carin!  I hope you're having a good summer.  I wanted to run something by you. As you probably know, I recently signed up to do my first full Ironman next year at Lake Placid, NY. A lot of people ask me why I put myself through all the hours of training to complete these races and I often tell them that it's because I can when, for whatever reason, so many can…